I.S.P.E.F. and E.C.E. Cooperation with the National “Lviv Polytechnic” University

In the Presentation of the last book, the following is written:

“The organisers of the conference express their sincere gratitude to Fausto Presutti, Doctor of Psychology, Professor of Psychology, President of the Scientific Institute of Educational and Training Psychology and the European Centre of Education (I.S.P.E.F. – E.C.E. ), for the scientific and organizational support of the International Scientific and Practical Conferences and Seminars held in 2019-2022, attended by more than 650 educators, which contributed to the improvement of the educational process in educational institutions of different levels and the integration of the Ukrainian educational system into the European Higher Education Area (EHEA)”

Education during the war time

Two books have been published with Materals of International Conferences held by the National University “Lviv Politechnic”, the I.S.P.E.F. Institute and other institutions of higher education.

Warm wishes to all teachers around the world, who build the best future with their commitment and generosity!

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